Hi guys. This is, in fact, the real Fishnets. I had a fun morning with Kinja logging me out and thanks to a couple of moves, I have no idea where my burner code is. Right before the Kinja switch, I could not connect to Gawker through FB or through Google. So, I used a burner.

Because of that, there is nothing Kinja can do to get me back to my account. I e-mailed them and got this back:

Unfortunately, there’s no way to “combine” accounts – your best bet is to find that burner key (maybe its saved via your browser?).

Really, guys? You don't think I tried that? Sigh. Anyway, this time around I got my account to connect to Google, so we should be okay this time. Still, it means I have a lot of work to do to get all my Gawker stuff back on place. Back to the grays for me on Jez (goddammit).

If any of the mods could help me get my GT authorship privileges restored, I would really appreciate that. If any of you doubt that this is really me, Ubertrout can confirm this. (Or Chritter, I can answer questions about the GT meet-up).

Hopefully, everything will be set right in no time. I don't want to be away from GT!