Yeah, my current apartment faces the air shaft so we don't get a lot of light, and the apartment I grew up in only got direct light in the living room/kitchen (my bedroom, my parent's room, and the bathroom all faced, you guessed it, the air shaft). 3 out of your 8 rooms don't get direct light and you pay $100/mo? Cry… » 11/17/14 11:47pm 11/17/14 11:47pm

This always makes me think of a friend of mine who is a WoC and will use the n-word occasionally when addressing people. A group of us were walking around when our friend suddenly crosses the street without saying anything and she yells out "MY NINJA, WHERE YOU GOING?" thinking that this way she won't be yelling out… » 11/15/14 8:29pm 11/15/14 8:29pm

Cisgender means that your gender identity matches the sex you were assigned at birth. So, I'm a cis woman because I identify myself as a woman and I was identified as female at birth. You can be straight, gay, asexual, whatever. It's specifically referring to gender identity rather than sexual orientation. » 11/04/14 11:02am 11/04/14 11:02am

I work as an admissions person at a museum and it is amazing the horrible shit that gets said to me (worse than anything I've ever dealt with in the fucking 8 years I have of retail/customer service experience). I get cursed at, I get called names, I had someone throw his receipt at me the other day and call me… » 7/14/14 1:20pm 7/14/14 1:20pm

Oh, I haven't thought about their work in a while, but I have always loved it. I have a really vivid memory of sitting in the conference room in my mom's office (who worked as a children's book editor) reading Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears.

Thanks for the link, babe. :) » 7/14/14 8:06am 7/14/14 8:06am