Even if you don't buy anything from them, http://www.babeland.com is fantastic. Check out their how to section. It's got advice from picking your first vibe to how to use different things properly. They're great. » 2/14/14 8:05am 2/14/14 8:05am

A friend of mine works as a teaching aide and is very big with a full beard. He's also wonderful and the kids he works with love him. Last year a parent (not of a child he was working with directly) accused him of being a pedophile. Obviously, a school has to investigate any accusation. My friend was suspended, out of… » 2/08/14 3:58pm 2/08/14 3:58pm

I agree that you should keep it casual. Make it more about how he must be looking for a place cause he's couch surfing rather than his relationship. I know when I was in an abusive relationship and people would bring up that my SO was bad for me I would balk and ignore them. Separate your help from his relationship,… » 1/22/14 1:01pm 1/22/14 1:01pm